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General Announcements
  • An APAS update was released Wednesday 31st March 2021
    This March 2021 update introduces Google Chrome to be the browser for A-PAS.  From now on you will NOT be able to view documents in the document viewer in Internet Explorer but only be able download them, you need to be using Google Chrome to view the documents. Also included are a number of enhancements that have been requested by the group’s facilities, the document details all the enhancements, reports and bug fixes that have been introduced with this release and can be viewed on the Aspen Portal. A copy has also been sent to all the consultants through A-PAS.  You will still be able to use Internet Explorer temporarily if you experience any issues with Chrome - but please inform the IT Helpdesk.
    If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the release, please contact the IT Helpdesk.
    Please note, that these notes and all the previous release notes can be viewed via the Aspen Portal.  
    Thank you.
    When completing Blood/Pharmacy forms and Radiology (For Parkside) – please ensure you add the old A-PAS (Facility) number to the form that is shown in Brackets – e.g. 2909090 (1999999).  Preferably use a patient label that details both numbers on these forms.  Thank you.

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